Cedar Island LED & Grow Systems offers the next generation of LED lighting and growing technologies for everyone from the home grower to the commercial greenhouse operator. Cutting edge technology, efficiency and flexible design come together to offer unparalleled growing potential while offering cost-effective solutions that meet your individual needs.


Next Generation LED Grow Light Strips:

 Meet the Cedar Island Series!

The three models of CI Series LED Lights



Our patented heat sink technology is paired with a solid-state body, sealed and weather-proof, with ZERO moving parts. This means there is no need for bulky units containing fans or exhaust systems for heat dispersion that cost more to maintain and replace. 




The sleek look of our lighting systems allows for flexibility that traditional LED growing systems could never dream of. Hang it horizontally, vertically, or any other way you can think of! This allows better dispersal of light throughout vegetation and can allow growers to take better advantage of natural light, where applicable.





Our team of engineers has been experimenting with our lighting systems for decades. What are you growing? No matter what the answer, our team can customize our products to your specific needs.



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