Growers' Pots & Trays

Growers' Pots & Trays

Growers' Pots & Trays

Cedar Island LED & Grow Systems offers a full-line of fine quality grower pots and trays. We can custom produce any related product and provide it at a substantial cost savings. Below are a few of our best sellers.

Grower Trays

6-slot-black-PS-plastic-tray_220x220 Cedar Island 6-slot black plastic tray

10holes-ktt-Q40-polystyrene-tray_220x220 Cedar Island 10-slot black plastic tray

50-slot-black-PS-plastic-nursery-trays_220x220 Cedar Island 50-slot black plastic tray

Hot-high-quality-ps-black-plastic-seed_220x220 Cedar Island 105-slot black plastic tray


Grower Pots

Square-plant-containers-plastic-plants-pot-flower_220x220 Cedar Island square pots

Wholesale-plant-black-plastic-nursery-pots-2017_220x220 Cedar Island round pots