About us

About us

About us




Cedar Island LED & Grow Systems was established on the beautiful, cosmopolitan beach community of Cedar Island in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. We are a group of like-minded individuals with a range of backgrounds and talents that have come together to offer the next generation of LED lighting systems and growing technologies that are not only effective, but highly affordable and efficient.


Our Team

David Francis, Chief Executive Officer


David has been self-employed his entire life. He considers himself a world traveler and a lover of new and innovative ideas. He loves to meet new people and make exciting partnerships, particularly when it comes to the marriage of business and philanthropy.


Terry Reimer, President


Terry is an organized thinker with a diverse background in accounting, entrepeneurship and leadership. His ability to motivate and direct the energy of many creative minds made him the natural leader of our team. 


Mark Sutherland, Chief Engineer & Designer


Mark has been an entrepeneur working in the hydroponics and LED lighting industries for 26 years. He is the driving force behind Cedar Island LED and his unique designs and forward-thinking products have allowed us to introduce the next generation of LED technologies to the indoor agriculture world. 


Astri Buchanan, Research Liaison


Astri is our resident millenial. She enjoys any new opportunity to learn and make connections between different industries. Her background spans research in Indigenous Peoples, Environmental Sustainability and Integrated Pest Management in indoor agriculture.